Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Modern Rudy Pemberton

Does the name Rudy Pemberton ring a bell? (Even if it does, it's probably best not to admit it) Ryan Zimmerman is doing his best impersonation.

In 1996, Rudy Pemberton hit .512 in 41 AB for the Boston Red Sox. His .512 average is the highest for any player who had 30 or more ABs in a season.

With his second straight 3-hit game, Ryan Zimmerman is batting .483 in 29 ABs.

If he gets just one more, he'll move into fourth place on that list.
Year  Player           AB   H     AVE
1996 Rudy Pemberton 41 21 .512
1947 Gil Coan 42 21 .500
1919 Eddie Murphy 35 17 .486
1998 Craig Wilson 47 22 .468
1980 Gary Ward 41 19 .463

No one's going to confuse that for a hall-of-fame ballot.

But still, it's something.


  • It should be noted that Gil Coan racked up that .500 BA for *ahem* the original AL Nats.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/25/2005 1:19 PM  

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