Thursday, September 22, 2005

Breaking Even Is Hard To Do

Houston wins. Philly wins. We lose.

We're done. What seemed so possible just 5 days ago has disappeared like another Barry Bonds homer.

Yesterday's loss wasn't the gut punch that the last three have been. It gets tossed into the pile of completely unmemorable games, save the Bonds homer.

John Patterson didn't pitch like the ace he could be, notably giving up six total bases to the opposing pitcher.

Lost in all the lead-blowing over the last few games, though, is the return of the Nationals' balsa-bat offense, just five runs in the last three games -- all against pitchers who have potential, but aren't quite there yet.

If the team is to hold on to the .500 mark, which would have to be considered a success, they're going to need more production. Barry noted that the first five hitters in the lineup were 1-15 last night. Not good.

We're stuck on 77. We need to find at least four in those final 10 games. Given the way we're playing, even that may be tough.


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