Thursday, June 30, 2005

Insert Rain Pun Here

Last night was another one of those total team wins. No single player stood out; everyone did exactly what they needed to do to squeeze out yet another one-run win. It's the same script they've followed all year.

John Patterson gutted out a few extra innings after a long 2+ hour rain delay and, despite giving up a two-run bomb on the first pitch after the delay, pitched effectively.

But, as has been the case for most of the year, the bullpen saved the day. Travis Hughes pitched another scoreless inning, despite not really looking all that spectacular.

He was followed by the Third Triumvirate: Majewski, Ayala and Cordero. Three scorless innings later, the Nationals walked away with another win.

Ayala was the shakiest. With a runner on second, he gave up a single to left. We were bailed out by Ayala's suckiness there. The ball was hit so hard, that Byrd was able to easily throw the runner out at the plate. A lesser pitcher would've given up a blooper and the lead. ;)

Chad Cordero gets the Majority Whip, though, for doing what he's done all year -- converting another one-run save. He set the team record for most consecutive saves last night. That was a record held by Mel Rojas, which shows the pointlessness of that statistic! ;)

  • Jose Vidro is starting to rehab with Potomac. Initially, he'll DH and lead off to get some ABs. In a few days, he'll begin playing the field, where the real test will come.

  • Joey Eischen will be activated from the 60-day DL tomorrow. Procedurally, they'll probably shift Jon Rauch or TJ Tucker to the 60-day DL to free up a roster spot on the 40-man.

    As far as the 25-man roster, your guess is as good as mine. You'd expect them to whack a pitcher and Travis Hughes is at the bottome of the pile. But, he's pitched effectively, and Frank seems to trust him in the old Tucker 6th inning role. The other pitching candidate would be Sunny Kim. But he's been excellent as a spot starter and as a long reliever too.

    I'd advocate them whacking Wil Cordero. He's been less than useless. Last night, he didn't even loft his typical weak fly balls. He was too busy striking out every time he came to the plate. His batting average? .031. Ouch.

    With Armas and Patterson unable to go deep in games and a long stretch without an off-day, getting an extra arm in the pen might be a good idea. When Vidro's healthy in two weeks or so, you can find a pitcher to dump.

    We'll find out though. The thing about Bowden is, ya never know!

  • Last night's rain delay was 3 minutes less than the length of the previous game. Congrats to anyone who actually stayed!


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