Wednesday, May 18, 2005

USD-AA Aproved

Traditionally, AA is where your prospects ripen. It's where breakout stars form.

It's also where this franchise's lack of depth, and poor drafting really are evident.

Harrisburg Senators

Melvin Dorta, IF: He's just 23, and was acquired from the Red Sox earlier this winter.
.286/ .350/ .438 11 BB/ 16 K

Edgar Gonzalez, IF: He's a 27-year old non-prospect, but he's hitting well for an infielder.
.279/ .366/ .451 17 BB/ 24 K

Ramon Castro, C: Yep, it's that Ramon Castro -- the one arrested for rape. He eventually pleaded no contest to an indecent assault charge. I wouldn't cry if someone sodomized him with a bat.
.316/ .350/ .526 1 BB/ 3 K (19 ABs)

Jason Labandeira, IF: He's coming off shoulder problems, which delayed his start and limit his throwing. And, based on the results, it's hurting his bat too. He's probably the closest thing to a prospect at that level.
.211/ .348/ .263 8 BB/ 6 K

Rich Rundles, P: He throws left-handed, which is a plus, but he's going to need to step up soon if he's ever going to get a chance, as he's already 24.
43.2 IP, 3.92 ERA, 25 K, 14 BB

Darrell Rasner, P: He's also just 24, but he throws righty. This is just his first full season at AA. He's another player that needs to take a big step forward.
42.2 IP, 4.85 ERA, 27K, 8 BB

Danny Reuckel, P: You know where to go for obsessive-level coverage of him!

Saul Rivera, P: He's older than me, but he's also more effective. The old man of the staff is pitching well -- he's the Mariano of Harrisburg.
25.1 IP, 1.78 ERA, 19 K, 13 BB

Kip Bouknight, P: He's almost as old as me, and he is also more effective. Useless Kip Bouknight trivia to impress your friends with: He combined with Pat Lynch to throw the first perfect game in Northwest League history.
40 IP, 2.25 ERA, 24 K, 11 BB


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