Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Skunky Brew

Well, that stunk.

I'm glad the fans gave Over-Miller a standing ovation after Jamey Carroll lined a pitch into right. He deserved it -- even if the Nats' hacktastic ways barely forced the guy to break a sweat.

Claudio Vargas 'started' the game. He wouldn't see the end of the second. He served up a nice frosty six pack of runs to Milwaukee's beasts. In the process, his ERA got drunk, rising from a sterling 0.00 to a blood alcohol level that would make Rafael Furcal blush: 7.36.

If there ever was a Lame Duck performance, that was it.

Hopefully, that'll be the end of the Vargas as starter experiment. They've been hesitant to use him out of the pen, because of his arm problems. They didn't like the idea of using him back-to-back game, or having to warm up frequently. Oh well. That's what he's getting paid for. And, if his health isn't up to it, I'm sure New Orleans would appreciate some more pitching support.

Tomo Ohka relieved. For once, he was a relief. He mopped up 5.2 innings while allowing just two hits. Most amazingly, he walked just one batter. (Strangely, he also set his season high in Ks, with 4)

The key to Tomo is to apparently not let him know he's coming in til either right before the game or until after it's started. Maybe we should bring up a lefty starter (ala Mike Hinckley) and let the opposing team load up with Righty batters. Let Hinckley bean the first batter, and bring in Ohka. Yeah, that'd work.

Zach Day came in in the 8th. He went two innings, giving up two runs. He, as usual, walked two batters. But, in fairness, the second run shouldn't have happened. Guzman didn't get a clean play on a double-play grounder hit by the glacial Damian Miller.

I fear Puberty Boy's days are soon numbered. He seems nice enough, but he better start trying to figure out what tricks he'd perform for some Mardi Gras beads.

Home Stand Goal:

Home Stand Record:

Even though they're improved, splitting the series with the Brewers would be a defeat, right?


  • Loaiza Versus Capuano tonight. ┬íLivan! versus Santos tomorrow afternoon. A 3-1 series win is completely reliant on two things, first the bats showing up for Loaiza and second that the removal of the frosting allows ┬íLivan! to go 7 plus innings.

    By Blogger Brian, at 5/18/2005 7:36 AM  

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