Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just Plain Offensive

It's been a while since we've strolled through the stats. The team's in a tailspin, and the stats have taken a hit. It's not quite chicken and egg, because one certainly DID come first in this case.

With 10 games to come against the elite teams of this league, things probably won't be prettier anytime soon. But, always keep in mind... you're never as good as you look when you're winning; and you're never as bad as you look when you're losing. (Except for the Rockies. They really do suck)

As always, places out of 16 teams.

Runs Scored: 190 (13th)
Ave: .263 (6th)
OBP: .328 (12th)
SLG: .405 (12th)

Again, we see how useless batting average alone is in ranking teams. And, again, we see that our team just doesn't get runners on base. Also, with the loss of Vidro and Guillen's and Johnson's injuries, our slugging has regressed.

Whereas the last time we looked, we had an inefficient offense that wasn't producing as many runs as our OBP and SLG would indicate, it appears we're now in line. Our luck has evened out.

Homers: 38 (13th)
Doubles: 89 (5th)
Triples: 11 (4th)
Total Bases: 643 (4th)
Isolated Power: .139 (13th) [That's the portion of Slugging Percentage NOT attributal to singles. Since ours is so low, it indicates most of our 'slugging' is empty -- just a bunch of singles]

We continue to get doubles and triples, but our current rank has more to do with the torrid pace we set early in the season that it does our current production.

We're clearly not a homerun hitting team, although our home park masks some of that.

Further evidence? We're second worst in AB/HR: 41.8

Walks: 131 (11th)
BB/PA: .078 (13th)
Strikeouts: 285 (6th)
BB/K: .46 (11th)
GIDP: 39 (2nd)
P/PA: 3.58 (15th)
We don't walk, but we strikeout, and we don't see many pitches. When we do manage to put the ball in play, they usually turn two.

Even the small ball fetishists should be disappointed.

Stolen Base %: 52 (16th)
Sac Bunts: 25 (2nd)

I'm not sure which of those numbers is most distressing.

Just for mierda and chuckles, our number two batters:
.237/ .320/ .316 on the season. That ranks us 14th in OPS.

And for even more fun, here are two lines. Which one is the collective line of our pitchers, and which one is from our shortstops?

A: .184/ .192/ .235
B: .181/ .221/ .228

No fair peeking!


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