Friday, May 20, 2005

Just Can't Wait To Get On That Road Again

Having met their (well, my actually) homestand goal, our intrepid team flies off for another road trip. Nine games, and three cities. The wins better come early, because we're in St. Louis at the end, where we'll be lucky to take one game.

We start out in Toronto, where the Blue Jays are playing better than most expected. They're not quite world beaters, but they're definitely an average team.

Tonight, it's Claudio Vargas versus Ted Lilly. They're followed by Tony Armas versus Roy Halliday, and John Patterson versus Josh Towers. The only day where we have a clear pitching advantage is Sunday. And even then, Patterson's been reporting a sore back, and has been just ok over his last few starts.

After that series, the Nats ship off to Cincinnati, home of Skyline Chili, the Underground Railroad Museum, and Zach Day (Listed in decreasing order of quality). The Reds are an interesting offensive team, but their pitching would stink underwater. It looks like we'll get the Gopher, Eric Milton, Paul Wilson (The only player in ML history to give up 8 runs in the first inning without getting an out twice in his career) and Aaron Harang, who has actually pitched ok this year. Regardless of who we send up there (presumably Loaiza, Livan, Vargas), I like our chances.

After that, we'll meet them in St. Louis. There, we'll get violated by a smiling red bird. (Armas, Patterson, Loaiza?)

Despite the easy first part, I think we take a step back on this roadtrip. 4-5 sounds about right.

That's probably not enough to come home on Memorial Day still in first place, but we'll be close as we start a home series with them, in the first of a thirteen game (!) homestand.

What about you? Are you more optimistic than me?


  • yuda's scenario is probably the most likely - but since when has the most likely scenario ever played out with this team?!

    i say we can even go 6-3 - optomistically speaking. two of three from toronto and either a sweep of the reds/one from st louis or two apiece from reds/stl.

    We should be pleased with 5-4, satisfied/relieved with 4-5 and ecstatic with 6-3 or better.

    By Blogger Rocket1124, at 5/20/2005 2:01 PM  

  • I don't know if Patterson over Towers is a big advantage. Josh is having a hell of a year. Low 3's ERA, only 4 walks.

    By Blogger Ryan, at 5/20/2005 2:14 PM  

  • The Toronto series worries me. We have questionable starters in two games and are facing Halladay in the third one.

    By Blogger Brian, at 5/20/2005 3:49 PM  

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