Sunday, May 22, 2005


Jeff Hammonds' Corpse to the DL
Brendan Harris to the Nats!!!

Harris is the 3B of the future. He can play second, but the team doesn't really like him there. Ideally, he'd play there for the time being and Carroll would move to SS. But I don't suspect that'll happen.

Besides, I'll have a post on that tomorrow....

At least I can sleep in peace tonight!


  • Yes Virginia (and DC and Southern Maryland), there is a Santa Claus

    By Blogger Brian, at 5/23/2005 7:35 AM  

  • Perhaps the other shoe will fall and the Nationals can designate Carlos Baerga for assignment. Yeah, yeah I know, he's a great influence in the dugout. I have a solution that would make most (if not all) of us happy.

    Step 1: Fire Ron Darling.
    Step 2: Re-assign Roving Coach Jack Voigt to the booth with Mel Proctor. I listened to Voigt again this weekend and while he has room to improve, he's already beeter than Darling will ever be.
    Step 3: DFA Baerga and offer him the job of Roving Coach. It keeps his influence among the team but it frees up a dead spot on the roster.
    Step 4: Promote Matt Cepicky until Brad Wilkerson is ready to return.

    By Blogger Brian, at 5/23/2005 9:07 AM  

  • Step 5: RICKEY!

    By Blogger Ryan, at 5/23/2005 9:23 AM  

  • Step 6: Fire Frank and hire Billy Martin. Yes, I know he's dead.

    Harris...finally one player who I don't mind if he gets limited playing time. Castilla will be better than him this year so play Vinny most of the time, and let Harris get a spot start every week or so until we're out of the race. Then he should get a good number of starts and a serious look to take over 3rd for next year.

    Of course this means Harris will take over for Carroll at second, have 1 hit in 2 games, and immediately the Nats will treat him as a guy who can't make it in the majors.

    By Blogger Harper, at 5/23/2005 10:05 AM  

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