Saturday, April 23, 2005

Shame On You, Frank

WHY DO YOU HATE JOE HORGAN? What did the man ever do to you? Why do you continually leave the poor bastard out there to rot? You do realize that you CAN relieve mid-inning, right?

This was the second game that he's left poor Joe out there on the mound til his arm falls off.

Horgan was awful this afternoon, but you owe it to him not to embarass him like that, Frank. That's the second time you've done that to him. There's ZERO excuse to leave a left-handed specialist out there to throw forty-four (44!!!) pitches -- no matter how much you hate him, or you want him dead. That's dangerous to his career -- both physically and emotionally. Shame on you, Frank.

We've seen enough to know, Frank, that Horgan cannot CANNOT get right-handed hitters out. He's purely a lefty specialist and not the long-reliever you hoped for. And besides, wasn't the whole point of having a second lefty in the bullpen, purely for matchup reasons? Did you already forget the reasoning for your spring roster decisions?

Horgan is simply getting eaten alive. Right handed batters are hitting .688 .684 .938 off of him. It really would be the best thing for Joe, at this point, to go down to New Orleans to figure out what's going on. And to be in a place where a manger doesn't abuse the hell out of him.

Unfortunately for him, he's probably permanently in Frank's doghouse. (But, maybe that's a good thing!)

The other problem I have with Frank's mistreatment is that essentially ran up the white flag. Frank quit on the team. And that's inexcusable. Down 4-0, and with this impotent offense, it was probably over, but by leaving Horgan out there to get battered, Frank turned a potentially close game into a laugher.

You're not in a position to send a message, Frank. And you owe it to the other 24 players on the team, as well as the thousands of people learning to live and die with this team, not to pull that kind of crap.

Hall-of-Famer or not, that's Bush League.


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