Tuesday, April 26, 2005

'Round And 'Round We Go

Even with District of Baseball playing hooky, there's always Yurasko for your daily news roundup.

Here are some other exciting and not-so exciting stories.
  • Jim Bowden's contract expires Saturday. (It's too bad Cristian Guzman's lasts for 3+ more!).

    An extension would be only through the end of the year, because MLB really wants to unload this team.

  • They're going to rebuild the mound as soon as this homestand is over on Sunday.

    TJ Tucker's shredded groin says thanks.

  • The Baltimore Business Journal gives the Joe Friday Just The Facts Approach to the MASN ad in the Post.

    Eric Fisher writes about how the lawsuit's going to screw up the ownership process. (Can something that's not moving slow down?)

  • Here's a look at the bat boy, Jonathon Kolker. I'm assuming he's not the only one!

    But, he's not much of a boy. He's 20 freakin' years old. I guess that makes him a... wait for it... wait for it.... a Bat Man? (Aren't you glad you waited now?)

  • As if the RFK groundscrew weren't having enough problems, apparently, they decided DC United needed a parallelogram pitch for their game on Saturday night. (Or maybe it was trapezoidal?)

  • Frank Robinson has been hauled before Congress. Not steroids, but testifying on working past retirement age. There are plenty of potential jokes there. Feel free to chuckle amongst yourselves.

    But, on a semi-serious note, what's the point in having him testify? Is he going to advocate jobs in professional baseball for today's seniors?

  • Jon Lieber versus John Patterson tonight, a match-up of each team's 'aces'. Lieber's been solid this year, and Patterson, who really needs a nickname, has been amazing.

    In JPIII's three starts, he's faced Josh Beckett, Russ Ortiz, and John Smoltz. Lieber's not in the class of two of them, but he's definitely a 1-A. Hopefully I won't have to write the phrase "Hard-Luck Loss" tonight.


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