Monday, April 25, 2005

Pickin' And Grinnin'

That's more like it! Majority Whip Brad Wilkerson led the team, knocking out four hits and adding in a walk. And for good measure, he scored three runs, although it should've been four. He was incorrectly called out in the first inning on a verrrry close play at the plate. (The ump missed the call, but it was a really tough call to make, because Wilkerson slid under the glove and touched the plate a fraction of a second before the glove hit him.)

Time and time again, The Kentucky Masher set the tone, starting with his lead-off double in the first inning, which started an uncharacteristic early three-run rally, and continuing with his fourth-inning bomb off inept starter Victor Zambrano. (I think that's spanish for Tomo Ohka?)

Wilkerson wasn't the only one getting into the fun though. Where he led, they followed, as the Nationals ripped Mets pitching for 17 hits (5 of them for extra bases), 3 walks, and a season-tying high of 11 runs scored.

As bad as they were Saturday, they were as good on Sunday.

On the mound, !Navil¡ Hernandez got the start, and coughed up the lead way too quickly. Jose Reyes reached on a bunt to Hernandez that went as an error to Nick Johnson. Actually, Navil should have been charged with the error -- he ran into foul territory, and threw back towards fair, behind the runner. There's no way NJ could've seen the throw, which clanked off his glove. Kaz Matsui singled sharply to center and then Carlos Beltran inexplicably showed bunt. On his second attempt, he got the bunt down the third baseline, where a hard charging Vinny Castilla came in to barehand the play. All he got for his efforts was a hand full of grass. The bases were loaded and Mike Piazza unloaded them quickly for a tie game. Two walks, a popout and a GDP later, and Navil was out of the inning, and out of the game, sent to an early shower.

¡Livan Hernandez! came in to pitch the bottom of the second and pitched 6 excellent innings, allowing just 6 hits and zero walks. It wasn't a thing of beauty, but it was more than enough the way the hitters abused the Mets' staff.

WTF Frank Senior Moment
I missed most of the game, only catching it up to Wilkerson's homer in the 4th, but I did listen to parts of it on the radio.

The only decision I'll quibble with is the necessity of bringing Joey Eischen in, even for one batter. Eischen is literally (And I literally mean the literal definition of literal) on pace for 102 games pitched. That can't be good for the elbow, no matter how grizzled one is. Up 11-3, I think it's safe to save your lefty setup man for another game.

But, looking at the boxscore, I'm not entirely sure that Frank was even at the game. Did anyone actually see him? Was he napping?

Not only did the guy double-switch in a game, mid-inning even!, he somehow stumbled across an optimal line-up! Wilkerson, Johnson, Vidro, Guillen, Sledge, Castilla, Flotsam, Jetsam. Coincidentally (but don't tell Frank that!) the team responded by beating the hell out of the opposing pitchers.

We'll find out tonight whether he's learned any lessons. Bring on the Phail-ease!


  • I'm embarrassed at how much I live and die by this team already ... I turned off the TV after the Mets tied it in the bottom of the 1st but then kept checking back.

    Anybody else find that baseball is more gripping than fun lately?

    P.S. FRobby must read you, CNeed ... here

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/25/2005 10:01 AM  

  • That's the beauty of baseball...

    We love it so much because it tortures you! When it craps on you, it's actually a good thing, because it makes you appreciate the highs so much more!

    I'm sure the Red Sox fans enjoyed last year a helluva lot more than Yankees fans enjoyed the 1999 World Series (Still the most boring WS in history!)

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 4/25/2005 10:06 AM  

  • On the TV broadcast they said that the error charged to NJ on the bunt play was taken back and it was scored as a hit (though I agree it should've been a Livan error).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/25/2005 12:17 PM  

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