Friday, April 22, 2005

The Man Must Be Stopped

The goat of the game was clearly Sleepy Robinson. I don't know how he's able to manage with his head so firmly lodged in a spot that's normally used for evacuation.

Plenty of Candidates for the WTF Frank Senior Moment

--9th inning, tying run at the plate. Your pinch hitting choices are the weak-hitting Carlos Baerga (111/ 111/ 111) or Terrmel Sledge who's bashing 294/ 409/ 588.

Yep. He picked Baerga. Even Ryan Church was a better choice (152/ 222/ 242)

--Cristian Guzman batted second, again. He hit a homer, but came up in the crucial 8th inning with the tying run at second. What'd our star number 2 batter do? He hit a ball so weakly it didn't even have the energy to make it up over the lip of the grass at the edge of the dirt cutout two feet from home plate. Meanwhile, NJ, the team's REAL number two, smashed a lead-off double in the ninth.

--Bottom of the 4th. Esteban Loaiza was running on less than fumes. His mechanics were noticeably out of whack. If you watched, you could see that his right shoulder was just dragging through the zone, way behind where it should've been. He wasn't driving on each of the pitches so much as shot-putting them to the plate. After surviving a bases-loaded situation and having thrown 100 pitches, he was due to bat second in the top of the 5th.

If it's you or me, you pat him on his overpaid ass and tell him to take a hot shower.

But, we didn't learn to play in 1962 like Frank. He patted him on the ass and said "Go Get Em Kid!" He grounds out weakly and then comes out to pitch the bottom of the inning with what had to be the most predictable result in baseball history: another run scored on a home run that, had it not hit the back of the wall, would probably still be bouncing.

I'm sure I missed a few more. Just post 'em in the comments so we can all mock his incompetence!

Sadly, when I started the Lame Duck, I made it so that only players on the field get the award. Lest Frank run away with the Seasonal Award (Tonight probably would've been his fourth).

No one really stuck out for particular incompetence... Jose Vidro had a bad game, and his inability to even put the ball in play against Roberto Hernandez in the 8th inning was inexcusable. Cristian Guzman had the lone run for the team on his inexplicible shot to left-center field. But, he also had the wretched AB in the 8th.

But, my winner tonight, is the man who could do no wrong last week, Vinny Castilla. He was 0-4 and folded in the clutch. He had the chance to make some noise in the 9th inning, coming to the plate as the tying run. He flied out weakly to right. In the first inning, Tom Glavine was on the ropes. He had the bases loaded, and was pretty clearly struggling to find his control.

Instead of putting the boot on his foot, he let him wiggle away, when he grounded into a forceout. Glavine never looked back, and, other than the Guzman bomb, was never really tested again.

Throw in the error he made to prolong the 6th inning, and he had a pretty stinky game in all aspects. On that play, it was a hard hit ball, but one that didn't require much lateral range. It took a funny hop, but it's a play that a major league third baseman needs to make (and is not all that different than the 'hit' he allowed on Opening Day in Philly).


Yes, I know that Guzman hasn't won the award yet, but, if you look at his individual games, he hasn't been in tooooo many key situations in games we lost. He could've come through in today's, but he does deserve credit for the homer hit hit -- the only run the freakin' team put on the board. If Vinny had done anything today, we're probably still playing baseball.

I have little doubt that Guzman will have won his share of awards by the end of the year!


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