Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Beat Writers Must Be On Vacation

I realize there's not much of a beat, but it's been a dreadfully slow week for Nats-related news. With all the big signings done, there's just a lot of fiddling at the margins. (Something Bowden loves to do, unfortunately.)

The Post has a brief story on a number of people who are upset with their season ticket assignments.

About 5,300 people had requested a total 17,830 season tickets for the upcoming season, and more than 10,000 of those requests were for seats in the infield box section, which cost $40 per ticket, per game. But there are only 5,000 seats for the 10,000 requests. So thousands of fans had to be pushed back to the infield box terrace and infield box baseline sections, both of which are in the lower deck but are farther from the field.

The most prized locations are the 900 diamond box seats behind home plate. Those tickets are $90 per game and were the first to sell out.

John, at Nationals Pastime concurs!


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