Friday, December 03, 2004

Well, What Else Didja Expect?

Bud Selig says that baseball will not reopen the agreement they signed with DC.

Cropp et al had wanted to look at the funding of cost overruns, as well as damages the city would have to pay if the stadium wasn't built on time.
"We're going to proceed with the agreement we have," Selig said after addressing the annual meeting of the Greater Washington Board of Trade at the Hilton Washington. "We need to proceed with what we have. As far as I'm concerned, the deal we made is a deal, and we're going to live up to it."
Well, DUH!

The man's a freakin' used car salesman. He's the master of these type of shady negotiations. We should just be thankful that we're not paying for the TruCoat!

Seriously... After both parties have agreed to a sweethear deal, did they really expect Selig to take back one of the sweetest parts of that deal? Why would baseball suddenly put itself on the hook for several million dollars? The goodness of their heart? These are businessmen, not social activists. All they care about is maximizing the amount of cash flowing into their already-fat wallets.

And with the millions the owners have already sunk into the franchise as part of MLB's ownership over the last few years, they want to milk the city dry for every penny they can. If they were to be on the hook for any more construction costs, it would affect how much they'd be able to sell the team for.

MLB is a business, not a charity. It's well and good to want baseball to do the city a favor, it's something completely different to expect them to.

When you're fooling around with MLB, you're always going to wake up in a very messy bed.


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