Friday, December 03, 2004

Stadium Opponents Holding Out Hope

Thom Loverro discusses the opposition and their belief that there's still a chance the bill gets derailed.

Here's my semi-wiseass question of the day...
If Mrs. Cropp's welcome actions blocked the biggest government gift to Major League Baseball in history, then so be it. We'll all live. What we cannot live with is children and adults who cannot read. Lest anyone forget, more than 33 percent of the District's population is functionally illiterate.
Where some public-financing opponents part company with Mrs. Cropp is her amendment to eliminate library funding — a nebulous concession the mayor made in exchange for Mr. Graham's vote.
How would the libraries have helped those residents who are illiterate? If they're illiterate, how is building new buildings with lots of books going to help? Wouldn't that money be better spent on literacy programs? Would that really cost $45 million then? Just askin'!


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