Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Lotsa Stadium Talk

Soon enough, we'll be back to on-the-field stuff. I haven't been getting my Bash-Bowden fix lately.

--Business marches on, once again. They’re deciding between 106.7 and 980 for the radio contract. (Probably the two most garbled stations in the area. It always sounds like they’re broadcasting from a laundry room). And Odalis remains on the radar.

--Boswell’s pessimistically optimistic. But he includes this nugget:
[A]ccording to one of the people most involved in researching the timeline for building the District's new ballpark, "Getting the stadium done for '08 is already out of the question. It can't be done and it won't be close. I'd put a ballpark opening in '09 at 50-50." If that pessimistic view proves true, Cropp may save the District $15 million to $30 million.
--Jerseys go on sale today when the Nationals Team Store reopens. Ball-Wonk has a preview of the Nationals Uniforms. They get his, and our, o’ffishul seal of approval.

--Mini-Plan tickets are expected to go on sale next month. Single Game tickets go on sale in February.

--The Post questions how much money Cropp is actually saving--they claim as little as $4 million.

--The Post hopes that the new stadium can heal the urban/suburban divide. Awww! Isn’t that cute?

--Senior Statesman David Broder views the new team as a tonic for what ales the bitter partisanship that has increasingly afflicted Washington since the Senators left. Awwww! Isn’t that cute? I’d argue that it’s an increase in sophisticated technology, combined with a breakdown in party identification, which has created too many safe districts that are controlled by the hyper-partisans who vote and get involved in the primary process. But, what do I know?

--Eric Weiss is ready to build statues to the hero, Linda Cropp.

--Ugh. Another in the staple-of-the-news-journalist articles, the analyze by anecdote. Apparently, it’s all about whitey (and I don’t mean Ford or Herzog). What I don’t get is his complaints about the suburbanites coming into the town to support the team. Doesn’t he realize that that’s additional revenue for the city? A pseudo commuter tax?


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