Friday, November 19, 2004

Uniform Movements

Sez the Post:
District and team officials were preparing for the next step: a ceremony Monday at Union Station to unveil the team's new name -- expected to be the Nationals. The event won't include the entire uniforms, but will include hats, according to three industry sources.

Officials are still tinkering with the final choices on uniforms, but the hats will almost certainly have a script "W" for Washington, and the team's colors will be red, white and blue. The home white jerseys are expected to say "Nationals" across the front, with "Washington" stripped across the road uniform. The team will also have a red jersey to be worn occasionally, two sources said.

On the same track, ESPN *shudder* revealed the results of their design-the-uniform contest. Congrats to Ball-Wonk, who got an honorable mention with a most-Freudian design.


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