Friday, November 19, 2004

Minor Notes

The Expos outrighted two players to the minor leagues: RHP Shawn Hill and SS Jason Labandeira.

This means that both players have been taken off the 40-man roster and are now assigned to the minor leagues. They both cleared waivers, where any team could have freely taken them--for just the price of a waiver claim.

Labandeira is a non-hitting infielder. After two years of college, it took him 3 years to get out of A ball, where he never slugged more than .412. He was up with the team, probably, because he was a warm body in the system when all the injuries hit last year.

Hill pitched 9 innings of ineffective baseball--giving up 16 runs. But he only gave up one home run! Actually, Hill still has a chance to make the team at some point down the road. He just needs a little more time in the minors.

Enjoy Edmonton, boys!