Monday, November 22, 2004

Front Office Moves

The Nats tinkered around with their front office and on-field personnel last week.

The pride of Glens Falls, NY (No, wait that's Dave LaPoint)... The Pride of Fort Ann, NY, Randy St. Claire returns as pitching coach.

Dana Brown is now the director of amateur, professional and international scouting. Lee MacPhail IV is now the director of baseball administration--why is there so much nepotism in baseball? (Even Babe Ruth IV found a job!) And Tim Abraham is the trainer. Exciting stuff, huh? Update your handmade charts at home.

Tom McCraw (an excellent pinch-hitting option in Bill James Classic Baseball), Bob Natal and Eddie Rodriguez will all return in some capacity.

Capitol Punishment...covering the boring stuff, cause well... umm.. I dunno why, actually.