Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Havana Pete Stalemate?

In a story that could be subtitled "If there's no smoke, there's definitely not a fire," the unfortunately-named Peter Schmuck checks up on the Angelos-MLB negotiations.
DuPuy said he exchanged phone calls with Orioles vice chairman Joe Foss
yesterday, but DuPuy also said that the delay in completing a deal to indemnify
the Orioles for potential losses related to the arrival of a second team in the

"I read in one paper today that the deal seems to be going south
and in another paper that it's almost done," DuPuy said.

The Angelos
negotiations, he said, have been friendly.

"We've had a lot of
discussions and we've had agreement on some philosophical issues and some
disagreements on some issues," DuPuy said.