Friday, October 22, 2004

Fixing up RFK

With the Ex-Expos home opener scheduled for April 15, the DC Sports Commission has begun soliciting bids for the renovation of RFK.

I saw a quick video on the news last night, and it seems like they have a lot of work to do just in terms of aesthetics. But from this morning's Post, there seems to be a lot more as well:

The key elements include replacing seating for soccer that is in left field with retractable seats that would be removed for baseball; installing foul poles and backstops; cutting a baseball diamond into the grass; painting and carpeting the locker rooms; installing cables, phone lines and electrical wiring for the media; and fixing minor cracks in some parts of the concrete stands.
Yesterday's press junket also served as a pitch to the media for why RFK is not a suitable alternative to a new stadium.

But officials said RFK has narrow concourses that create bottlenecks, fewer restrooms and concession areas than new stadiums and outdated press boxes from which it is difficult to see high fly balls.

I just attended a playoff game in Yankee Stadium and was stuck in the nosebleeds. The seats, despite being 1/4 mile from the field weren't bad. What was bad was the narrow concourses and the narrow ramps leading down from the upper deck. It took almost 40 minutes to get out of the Stadium from my seat. I haven't been to RFK, but I'm assuming it's the same sort of situation there. I wouldn't want to deal with that every day, that's for sure.